About Apps


MissionJapanese is an App for Japanese language Learning for foreign people (Thai people).
This App provide self learning tools of Japanese vocabularies, Japanese phrases, and Japanese dialogues.
Each learning package (named as Mission) is designed for self-learning of about 1 week period.
User will chose a course that includes several Missions depending on their skill level.

User can learn Japanese language using question and answer style cards repeatedly until user can memorize and answer all questions correctly.
In order to learn reading, writing, hearing and speaking skills, questions will shown by text or voice. user will answer by drawing and voice.
After user will master and memorize all of each Mission, they can reserve a live session with native Japanese by using Skype communication.
Using this App, user can reserve a time slot and can get Skype ID for a live session after they will finish self-learning of each Mission.

User have to get Login ID and Password from the MissionJapanese service web page before they will start this service.
URL = https://missionjapanese.net/main/signup
User can get their free Login ID and Password for their trial usage of this service.
If user want to get additional payable course, they can ask registration of it from the MissionJapanese service web page.

Please look for the application tutorial below.