Welcome to MissionJapanese!


(1) In language learning, repeated memorization is necessary. In order to efficiently learn with memorization, we have implemented a system so that you can learn anytime and anywhere with your smartphone.

(2) In language learning, it is not only memorizing, but it is important to actually try and use what you have learned. With this system, using expressions that you have memorized, and in conjunction with live practice exercises with native Japanese speakers, we aim for genuine conversation ability. Through practice conversations and not written tests, you can gain practical conversation ability.


(1) Utilizing smartphones, you can learn on your own anytime and anywhere. While commuting to school or work, or when you have a break, you can utilize a bit of free time to efficiently learn a language.

(2) Using the vocabulary and expressions that you have learned on your own, you can have actual live conversations with native Japanese speakers through practice exercises. By actually trying to use the expressions that you have learned, it will give you the confidence in your conversation ability as you realize "I was understood!" or "I was able to speak!" In this way what you have learned can become fixed.

Message to students

(1) Using smartphones, you can efficiently memorize and learn. Using the words you have memorized, it will be very fun to have a live conversation with Japanese people.

(2) For people who think that there is not enough practice at language school, or who want to master Japanese more quickly, or who want to learn useful Japanese that is actually spoken, you should definitely give this a try.